What We Do

Imagine an experience where intentions and efforts aligned? Now, imagine an entire community or organization aligned around a common purpose?

At Colbri Facilitation, we partner with individuals, teams and organizations to help identify and understand issues and opportunities for further exploration. Based on our experience, it is our belief that individuals or groups often fail to meet their full potential. We work to identify big questions that help unlock insights and innovations and most importantly, foster collective wisdom.

Let Colibri Facilitation bring you into a place where all persons’ gifts and talents are fully utilized.  

Identify your vision, develop greater capacity, apply purposeful actions and watch your future grow clearer and richer.


A few of Colibri Facilitation’s past and present clients:



One thought on “What We Do

  1. Yvette Sennewald

    Hi Timothy,

    I came across your webpage online and was interested in sending you an RFP for graphic recording for a community outreach initiative that we are doing here in Riverside California. The RFP’s are being sent out today but your e-mail address is not listed on your webpage. If you are interested in the RFP, e-mail me and I will send it to you on Monday.

    Thank you,


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