Monthly Archives: March 2012

Leader as Guide

I like the leadership qualities found in this image. We have a tugboat “hooking on” to a container ship. The leader is illustrating the importance of proper positioning and alignment of people and initiatives in their organization.

Being a leader of full commitment means that he/she is aware of the whole environment. Guiding people into position for success by using power to get ones shoulder behind things. This is about giving each situation the attention it needs to ensure organization success.

I witness this quality in effective leaders when they fully engage their attention to a person or issue and move to the next thing seamlessly. The difference being that people feel fully understood and the issue has a clear course of action leading to resolution. The engagement is subtle and easy to miss if you don’t look for it.

An effective leader is able to convey a guiding approach more through direct action.  Leader as guide ensures people are capable of managing critical business decisions seamlessly taking into account the weight and dimension of every decision. A leader knows they are successful when the decisions that come to them are strategic and visionary instead of the tactical issues that can snag them.

We are experienced at Colibri Facilitation in helping leaders leverage the key transition points in their work. Often groups rush forward without adequately understanding their strengths and capacities. We see first hand that through proper alignment in the early stages; an organization will position itself for long-term strategic success.