Monthly Archives: September 2015

Supply Chain Transformation


Kevin Pruitt from Eastman discussed their transformation journey and how market diversity and geographic diversity supported it. He noted the importance of developing capability thru people, process and technology. He stated an organization must earn right to grow, make a commitment to the growth and focus on future to develop a global strategy.

Supply Chain Globalization


Speaker Pankaj Ghemawat spoke about measuring globalization. What can we expect in 2025? He reminded participants not to count China out. The focus in China is on second order impacts with emphasis on exports.

Focus on supply chains that think, sense and act. He talked about the 2025 long run economic analysis – that it is more local and more global and from this will come a hybrid supply chain. There will be more interregional trade.

How can companies get a head start? Though infrastructure investment, competitive environment without rules and flipping the switch to go faster. We are back to where we were before the crisis in 2008. World trade is flowing in the last 3 months.


The rise of the Mega City


Supply Chain 2015 the rise of the Mega City. Richard Florida from the Martin Prosperity Institute suggested that “The World is Spiky.” Spiky points are where creativity and innovation happen. Creativity requires some form of clustering; therefore, over 90% innovation happens in large urban centers like cities, communities and places that we live. We need to tap into mind of creative class. Key drivers include knowledge and efficiency.