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How To Increase Your Power of Commitment

How Can You Increase The Power of Commitment

The Power of Commitment

Conscious commitment to a bigger vision and goal creates results that really matter and make a bigger difference.  Today, in my own weekly best practices mastermind  I was reminded of the power of commitment, values alignment, and the  increased results and success it brings to both individuals and groups.

When one isn’t committed you find they are what I call slippery.  Slippery people, clients and organizations often have great conversations but do little to nothing with the lofty content and the outcome generates relatively low value, meek personal satisfaction and modest measurable results.

The irony of commitment is that it’s deeply liberating — in work, in play, in love.  – Anne Morriss

This inspirational quote on the power of commitment perfectly states what in addition to results is gained – liberation. We often don’t think of commitment and liberation as being a powerful force.

How can you increase your power of commitment?

If we took time up front to become clear and aligned with the bigger picture vision we would be able to be more decisive and ultimately committed to the goals and tactics that are necessary to undertake and reach your larger vision, plans and goals.  It would help you create a more sustainable path and results.

When one actually has a vision / bigger plan you have a more powerful commitment and sustainable results because you are invested.  Unfortunately, many individuals don’t take the time to understand how your vision on many occasions isn’t supported and aligned with your individual core values.

I’ve found time and again, if you are not in alignment with your own core values there is greater  unconscious conflict and you more easily allow obstacles to stop your progress – as well as you are less invested in your organization and become what I call slippery.

When you’re slippery you are in essence telling yourself one thing, such as “this is very important” but you don’t believe it – often because it’s not in alignment with your core values and what you really believe.  And because you are not willing to face this reality you act “as if” this is a perfectly acceptable vision, plan and goal, but don’t have the personal drive and belief to make it happen no matter what stands in the way.

Clients and organizations that don’t understand the correlation between personal values alignment and personal level of commitment to a larger organizational vision often wonder why “the best laid plans” don’t come to fruition.  Once they begin on some level to take this into account they will soon notice an increased level of commitment and personal motivation that increase the bottom line results and overall satisfaction levels that make a stronger organization.

How often do you notice you or others on your team are being “slippery” and what do you do to create a stronger sense of commitment?

The Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Coach

What Is Your Top Reason To Hire A Coach?



The top  5 reasons to hire a coach most likely won’t surprise you. Although we find our clients utilize our services for diverse reasons the underlying needs often point back to this top five list.


The top five client motivations for hiring a coach are:

  1. optimize performance
  2. expand career opportunities
  3. improve business management strategies
  4. increase self confidence
  5. manage life / work balance

This list comes from a recent article from Sherpa Coaching that referred to the International Coaching Federation annual consumer awareness study regarding.

Part of our unique process at Colibri Facilitation includes both utilizing imagery from  graphic facilitation as well as add on coaching (for a specific period of time) with managers and leaders to integrate learning from the group work so that they may optimize performance for both themselves as a leader and their team as a whole.

From our experience we’ve learned that no matter how much energy and excitement comes out of a 1/2 day, full day or multi day business retreat – much of that learning and motivation is lost if it’s not directed and leveraged over a longer period of time with key stake holders towards the intended bigger vision. Because we all know that at 7 am the next morning all of the other team and business needs will also be demanding your attention.

We find it helpful for leaders and managers  to get clear on both the why and how of coaching -why it’s important (reviewing the top 5 reasons may help) and how they want to effectively leverage people, resources and time over a specified period so that they may keep their attention on the desired goals that are created during team business retreats.

So next time you’re ready to bring in outside graphic facilitation be sure to look at the bigger picture of need and longer term desired results so that you can be clear if you too may want some add on coaching to ensure you are motivated to attain the successful results you wanted in the first place.  Reviewing the top 5 reasons to hire a coach may also prove helpful too.

Coaching Tip: Listen Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Listen Like Your Life Depends Upon It

Coaching Tip for Deep listening One of the most underutilized leadership coaching tips is a simple one:  listen like your life depends upon it.

We live in a world where we all have a lot of balls in the air, change is constant and the ink is barely dry before we are on to the next task on hand.

Learning to slow down and listen and I really mean deeply listen to what is being said is a skill. It often takes multiple levels of questions or even the same question repeated before what’s really important surfaces. I often notice that after every one thinks you’re done and ready to move on to the next question or event that the conversation gets juicy and some of the best ideas have an opportunity to come to fruition.

Some times listening takes on the form of listening for what’s not being said too.  Tim calls it “you could hear crickets in the room”  when he notices that questions are being asked but not enough time or trust is present for the answers to be spoken. As a long time business and leadership coach and facilitator I’ve noticed patterns of behavior that I now more intently listen for without any expectations or judgment of how to respond because each person and team has its own unique path.

Unfortunately our non-listening  “keep the ball rolling” habit even affects listening to your self too.  I notice more and more people looking outside of them self and team for the answers.  I often find myself saying the answer is already here – we just haven’t tapped into it yet.

Coming from a sales background I learned about Pareto Principle which when applied listening would look like this ask questions 20% of  the time and listen 80% of the time.

I Challenge and Invite You To Give This A Try

Talk 20% of the time and deeply listen 80% of the time during a coaching session, a team member 1:1, a team meeting or even a strategic planning session. You can even do this with yourself – spent 2 minutes clarifying a question you want to answer and then set the timer for 8 full minutes and still with it.  I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Focus In The Moment

The Now Anchors You Like a Stake In The GroundCoaching Tip:


The capacity to focus in the moment on what is really important with an eye to the future allows one a better ability to engage fully and disengage authentically.  This way you are not continually being dragged back to the past.

Having an eye towards the future allows you to best frame and give context to your actions today.

Imagine what it would be like to be fully grounded in your actions today and how that would create more synergy and energy towards your bigger goals and initiatives when you focus in the moment.