Family Legacy

I have engaged Tim to provide graphic recording and collaborative facilitation in my own facilitative work with clients. I now intentionally seek out opportunities to work with Tim because our work together creates synergistic value for clients and is deeply enjoyable on a personal level. He does a remarkable job of capturing the complexities of group dynamics in ways that facilitate clarity, understanding and direction. He also is able to develop easy rapport and real trust with clients. A large part of his success lies in the personal depth Tim brings to his work and the expression of that depth in creativity and an ability to listen and observe with great heart and deep wisdom.

Matthew Wesley, Family Wealth Consultant

Families are dynamic and complex. That said, it is still possible to identify and preserve what you value.

Let Colibri help you understand and affirm your family legacy. Our family-centered process will help you have meaningful and productive conversations in which all members will feel heard and understood while gaining a shared understanding of the issues and opportunities that are shaping your family. Our facilitated processes will visually capture the flow of ideas and will help you develop a compelling narrative that will shape your legacy today and throughout future generations.

Years after the meeting, our graphics will serve as a reminder. They will allow family members to recall the insight and wisdom that came to inform decision-making and serve as a reference point for continued family dialogue and value affirmation.ColibriFacilitationFamilies01-2016


How can a family formalize their approach to solving problems?

Is it possible for a multigenerational family to come to consensus?  What if the issue is large and involves resources, time or reputation? The Elkano family found themselves at this crossroad. In an effort to mitigate future, more complex problems, Colibri Facilitation was asked to graphically record a multi-day session involving 3 generations. Family members selected an issue to resolve and Colibri assisted by providing structure and clarity. Today, the graphic created serves as a reminder of the family covenants they created.

Click here to view the video in its entirety with narration further describing Tim’s process.


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