Tribes and First Nations

Tim’s verbal summary work is particularly helpful in assisting Coast Salish Gathering attendees to take more information from the gatherings and thus be more active participants in the work of the group. His ability to capture the voice of the room is quite extraordinary, as our Gathering process is conducted in a traditional style protocol from the long houses, rather than typical conference style event. He is respectful of our social and cultural practices and blends easily into the work of the group. His work has become an integral part of our large gatherings and will continue to help our people in making decisions well into the future.

Brian Cladoosby, Chairman, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community

How do guide your community to effectively span both the traditional and modern world? How can conversation lead to action?

Colibri Facilitation helps you discuss things that are important. It is our belief that many answers can be found within the gifts and insights of your community members. We take great care in honoring the contributions of each person and trust that by understanding the past and present you can create stories that speak to the future.

We listen deeply to you and craft pictures reflecting the issues and ideas that face your community. The resulting illustrations can be used to educate others and help with decision-making. Our visuals will serve as a reminder of the conversation for many years to come.

Tim has worked as a graphic facilitator for the Coast Salish Gatherings since 2008. He captures the discussions in images, words and colors on large sheets of paper. His work tells a powerful story of the gatherings.

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