Your self and leadership


The Challenge

Seattle University’s Center for Leadership Formation is a nationally recognized Leadership Executive MBA (LEMBA) program. It promotes its mission by “…educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.” For more than 17 years, Colibri Facilitation has provided graphic facilitation and leadership coaching support to mid-level and senior-level executives participating in the LEMBA program.

Our Response

  • Live visual capture of social justice/team presentations
  • Verbal summarizing of multiple presentations during session to identify threads and key learning between presentations
  • Developing individualized maps that reflect leadership legacy of each student.
  • Live visual capture of key leadership threads found throughout the program and presented by teams of students



  • Helped leaders understand their own leadership style and how it can be used in their organizations
  • Demonstrated the value of other learning/leading styles and how to incorporate them into team/org
  • Taught the value of team by working on an immersive team activity that meets an injustice in the community, benefitting the leader, social justice team and the organization being served
  • Used the power of self-reflection to make well-rounded leaders
  • Helped create leaders with a strong ethical and moral compass to build a just and humane world