Origin of the Name Colibri Facilitation

Why use a Colibri, hummingbird to represent a facilitation and coaching company?

A few years ago, Tim climbed Mt. Rainier, the highest mountain in the state of Washington. After returning to camp (at 10,000 feet) a hummingbird was the first creature to greet his team. A short while later, two more hummingbirds flew close to them. These combined experiences piqued his curiosity, since it was unusual to see hummingbirds at high elevation.

Coincidently, this organization, formerly named Advanced Approach, was in the middle of a rebranding effort which included a name change that would be more representative of the work.

Introducing Colibri Facilitation…

After learning more about the behavior and symbolism of hummingbirds, it became clear that the life and spirit of the hummingbird was the right symbol for our work.

Colibri symbolize good fortune.

We hold an optimistic and pragmatic belief that, if given support, people and groups will seek the highest good.

Colibri are nimble.

Today’s world requires the ability to evaluate complex situations and make timely decisions.

Colibri have excellent memories.

We guide you to recall past approaches and challenges before confirming future actions.

Colibri symbolize regeneration.

The same efforts lead to the same results. New actions or thought-processes spurs new behaviors and leads to increase learning and unexpected results.

At Colibri Facilitation, we challenge our clients to remember the qualities of a Colibri when facing new circumstances in their professional or personal lives.



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