Executive Coaching

Colibri Facilitation coaching works by firming your faith in your own intrinsic values, suspending judgment, using precise observation, and asking pointed questions so you can see possibilities and create new realities. We believe that discomfort leads to opportunities. Ask yourself…

  • How can I be a more effective and influential leader?
  • Is it possible to have greater control over my career, my time and my stress?
  • Is my personal and professional lives are balanced?
  • Am I still seeking true purpose or prosperity?

Colibri coaching clients have succeeded in determining where to focus their energy to experience more fulfillment and passion in their lives and increasing capacity for reaching their personal and professional goals. What are you waiting for?

Contact Tim today ~ 206.419.1510, tim@colibrifacilitation.com

Envisioning leadership via Executive Coaching

Envisioning leadership via Executive Coaching

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