Graphic Facilitation

“In his dual role as your graphic recorder and meeting facilitator, Tim Corey skillfully listens and artfully gives meaning to the information as he illustrates the ideas, words and images.”

~ Cheri Dolezal, Optum Pierce

Graphic facilitation is a process whereby a dialogue is captured on large sheets of paper using pictures, words and colors. Through graphic facilitation people “see” their thinking as their ideas and information are documented in real-time. Well-suited for strategic planning and visioning sessions, graphic facilitation cultivates big-picture thinking and allows persons to visually map out complex situations.

People wrongly assume the large chart is the end result of graphic facilitation. The real outcome of a graphically facilitated process are the relationships and understanding that stem from the experience. What begins as a relay of information, becomes a collaborative exchange in which participants can contribute openly and honestly. There is a co-creative and subtle participatory aspect to the experience that honors the content of the information and the contribution of each speaker. Once individuals are able to brainstorm collaboratively, problems and opportunities can be identified, shared visions created and most importantly, next steps can be outlined to make ideas become reality.

Large charts become a “shared narrative” that persons use (in digital or video formats) to reinforce what was presented and reference after the event. Simply put, graphic recording builds relationships and extends the life and energy of a shared dialogue.








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