Person Centered Planning

What does it mean to be anchored firmly in a clear and compelling vision for your future?

It starts with a commitment to stop and understand the keys events in your life, a reality check of your current state and the willingness to dream big. If you do this with the support of team members, friends and/or family you will reach a deeper level of understanding of what it takes to live a satisfying life.

  • You will notice the difference between opportunities that move you closer to the vision and distractions that waste time and valuable energy.
  •  You will learn to optimize your time and talent by focusing on what really matters.

In short, you will find the key ingredients that lead you to a satisfying life. It works!

We have carefully listened to each person, group and organization over the last 22 years. Our team has invested more than 14,000 hours of attention to the big questions in their lives. Introducing the The 5th Circle Process.

The 5th Circle Process

5th circlegraphic

Through highly interactive and spirited visual mapping sessions our facilitators help you:

  • Identify big questions
  • Understand the importance of key experiences and how they can aid you in shaping your vision
  • Explore the aspects of life experience that make you and your team strong and resilient
  • Open to the future by literally putting a picture to your vision
  • Build intentional connections between people, life experiences and your vision so it’s fully supported in the world
  • Create a path to sustainability

Contact Tim at 206.419.1510 to go over the The 5th Circle process and how a facilitated process can help you.

We invite you to view a video we created about person-centered planning for the NW Facilitators Guild:

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