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Reaching For The Sky

Sustainable Growth Image created on ipad Represents Wisdom, Learning and Insight More often than not people within organizations focus on the growth of their work without paying much attention to the wisdom they have gained from past experience.

Sustainable growth comes from holding the creative tension between what we have learned and what is beginning to take shape in our work. I created a picture on my iPad that illustrates this point. The nurse log represents our wisdom, learning and insight as mulch for the forest. It’s purpose is to provide nourishment for what is growing.

To ensure a successful outcome it’s important for teams within organizations to focus the bulk of their energy, at least initially on where new growth is emerging from the log. It’s at this creative crux we find the path to sustainable innovation.

Set your sights on the outer edges of innovation (the crown of the forest) and move towards it from the floor of the forest. Remember to tend the rich soil infused with nutrients of past experience. It will keep each tree in the forest capable of reaching for the sky.