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Graphic recording for Decision-Making

At the 2015 Community Summit, Colibri Facilitation helped further understanding and enhance dialogue during a discussion about services needed to assist people with developmental disabilities. As participants such as individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and vocational service providers spoke, their comments came to life on the large mural providing the Governor much needed information to make budgetary decisions. At the end the event, Tim Corey was thanked by Gov. Inslee and ultimately, Gov. Inslee passed funding in excess of the initial request.

Using Live Visual Recording For Online Events / Live Streams

Livestream Visual Recording

Tim Corey, live graphic and visual facilitation at right brain business plan workshop in Seattle

photo courtesy: www.creativelive.com Jennifer Lee Right Brain Business Plan

Tim had the pleasure of doing a multi-day live online graphic and visual recording.  He enjoyed partnering with Jennifer Lee, best-selling author and 6-figure success coach, and creativeLIVE in Seattle who offers free online live workshops taught by world known experts.

It was a fun event with a small in person audience that worked side by side with Jennifer. Many more connected online during the event while working through Jennifer’s process and creating their own business plan. Individual interacted over twitter throughout the three days which brought more depth to the conversation and workshop.

Jennifer’s energy was high throughout the livestream as well as you really felt like you were right there with her.  Participants were able to enjoy both the visual aspects of using collage and seeing the graphic images that helped create an overall synthesis of some pieces of the workshop.

Although post event you will need to purchase the workshop to see all of the videos and get the bonus handouts; you can still view some of the course videos for free by going to “Right-Brain Business Plan®“.

Jennifer Lee at her Right Brain Business Plan Event before the livestream

Jennifer Lee at her Right Brain Business Plan LiveStream Event

If you’re interested in seeing some photos from the workshop visit Jennifer Lee’s Pinterest Account.

Tim enjoys the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums.  In the last year he is enjoying more  opportunities to work virtually and on live events.  Graphic and visual recording a great way to add  more depth and interaction to your meetings and events.