How We Work with You



We understand the context of your work by asking you a set of well-crafted questions that will help us frame a process to align with your outcomes.

After the agenda and outcomes have been finalized, we support you to launch the process that will facilitate conversation between key stakeholders. Involving more people in the work can help you harvest wisdom and insight of more people resulting in well-formed solutions and a larger field of people to support implementation.

When groups have a deeper understanding of the outcomes by being actively involved in a process, they are more likely to take inspired action.

Graphic facilitation is an exciting way to engage your meeting attendees in conversation by giving them a visual basis for envisioning and remembering shared ideas, tracking the progress of your meeting, observing the development of consistent themes in your discussion, and getting the big picture while not losing sight of the details.

Colibri Facilitation creates graphic images in real time on the whiteboard, marker-wall or digital screen to engage meeting attendees in meaningful dialogue, add value to plans and goals by documenting them, and empower attendees to take action, using the graphic as a practical guide. Our imaging shows stakeholders how meeting/conference decisions were arrived at and engages them in the goal-realization process, in the hope that such a concrete rendering of the discussion will encourage further conversation on the goals presented on the board, wall or screen.