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The Colibri Facilitation Team brings together innovative processes and a deep capacity for listening.

Co-founders Timothy and Michele Corey are the joined by Steve Donaldson and Glen Chwala as the primary consultants of Colibri Facilitation. Like two sides of a coin, their work styles and abilities are truly complementary, and their innovative approach often combines the dynamic of the left-brained analytic and the right-brained intuitive. After spending many years and thousands of hours with people the Colibri Team has come to understand a few principals that are found across most groups.

  • It is very rare for an  individual to understand the whole of an issue or opportunity. By listening deeply and understanding multiple perspectives, a shared understanding can be formed. The best work is often the work you do with others.
  • People will invest time and energy in what they have had a hand in creating. The resulting trust manifests itself as social capital.
  • Satisfaction is derived from working hard together to implement what you have envisioned.
  • If approached honestly and respectfully, individuals and teams will demonstrate resiliency and rise to exceed expectations.

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