Timothy Corey

Forging a Career from Lifelong Passions

TimLittle did 6-year-old Tim know that one day he would discover graphic facilitation and other methodologies that use images, words and colors to help groups make phenomenal leaps in their thinking.

On the other hand, Tim’s natural ease with facilitating groups might be partly owed to genetics. His father was a teacher and a facilitator, and it felt very natural for Tim follow in his footsteps. For 27 years, Tim tapped those skills to serve human service organizations supporting people with disabilities.

Everything Comes Together

By melding these two remarkable skills, Tim is able to offer a wide breadth of offerings — from the intimate one-on-one of coaching, person-centered planning and mentoring to the larger scale graphic recording and facilitation services for group meetings, retreats and conferences.

Tim’s true gift to clients is not the process he takes them through, but the relationship he creates while facilitating a session. Even in large groups, he reaches people on personal level, so the work feels very intimate. Tim is skilled at blending right in with a group, creating a safe environment where people can contribute openly. Tim is able to go deep with people, resulting in meaningful, energizing and supportive experiences.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Tim Corey’s graphic facilitation services, contact him at 206-419-1510.

Tim Corey – Live Graphic Facilitation:

Facilitating community transformation, by any definition, is not an easy process. It requires collaborative exchange in a safe forum where community members can contribute openly and honestly. It requires group consensus to define shared vision of the future. And it requires the commitment to action needed to move the vision to reality.

Through graphic facilitation and graphic recording, we help groups to see their thinking unfold right before them. Graphic facilitation captures a group’s ideas and information flow in pictures, words and colors on large sheets of paper.

Well suited for strategic planning and visioning sessions, graphic facilitation cultivates big-picture thinking, allowing a group to visually map out complex situations. Communities are able to brainstorm collaboratively, identifying problems and opportunities, which helps them to reach a shared vision of the outcome they’d like to create. Most importantly, it identifies the next steps required to make that outcome a reality.

Tim Corey skillfully listens and artfully gives meaning to the information as he illustrates the ideas, words and images. His graphic facilitation work provides a powerful tool to generate immediate, meaningful feedback and transform your group’s process.

Tim Corey: Executive Coaching

Working with entrepreneurs, executive directors, VP-level executives and managers in both the public and private sectors, we help professionals understand their unique leadership style, articulate it and, most importantly, manifest it. Yet the personal and professional are often intertwined, so we take a holistic approach, focusing on all aspects of a person’s life.

Like all of Timothy Corey’s services, he offers his own unique style to coaching. Incorporating graphic facilitation into the coaching process, Tim uses the visuals he creates to reflect back who the individual is and what they desire from life. Using a combination of both in-person sessions and phone coaching, Tim helps people clearly identify their intentions and develop a relationship with the self to manifest those intentions.

Contact Tim Corey at 206-419-1510 to learn how his coaching services can help you achieve an intentional life.

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