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Graphic Facilitation, Video Scribing & Leadership Coaching

Visual Scribing

Aligning Your Team Around a Shared Vision

Clarity & Cohesive Direction

When your organization is working on strategy execution, time and money are wasted when teams are not working together. Colibri Facilitation provides clarity and cohesive direction.

People Inspired & Empowered

We are a full-service facilitation company that helps you identify the outcomes and scope of your project.

Colibri facilitates the gathering of information throughout your project. Perfect for small, medium, and large events, we use multiple mediums to communicate your work. From simple digitally formatted synthesis charts to more complex video and animated narratives, we can clearly communicate your project outcomes.

Bringing ideas to life through collaboration and visual representation.

Visual Scribing

We communicate complicated content in a fun and engaging way that everyone will understand. Perfect for conferences, presentations or pitches.


Tell your story with our unique, custom videos. We can transform your concept into an engaging animated video.

Leadership Coaching

Our coaching helps organizations and individuals align to vision and strategy. Get support to identify opportunities and reach your full potential.

Visual impact. Memorable take away. Information you can use.

Reaching new summits of success.

You will be asked to suspend judgement, envision a future for your organization and take action. We partner with you to provide immersive and facilitated experiences to help you focus purpose and choose direction.

We adapt our approach to your specific needs by leveraging our targeted facilitation, mediation and technology resources to ensure project success.

Events that use Colibri

Large and Small Corporate Meetings

Large-Scale Community Projects

One-on-One Strategy & Vision Sessions

Information indigestion?

Our graphics effectively help you digest huge amounts of info, convey strategies & find solutions, while maintaining the bigger picture.

When your organization is working on strategy execution, time and money are wasted when teams are not working together. Colibri Facilitation provides clarity and cohesive direction.


The need for more critical thinking and innovation for your organization to succeed


Your organizational mission is not fully understood and implemented by your teams


Emphasis on the tactical aspects of your work at the expense of the strategic long term vision

“Tim is a master of surfacing ideas and building a shared vision for teams. In my 20+ years of consulting experience, I have not seen anyone more skilled at this art. Tim’s graphic facilitation skills go beyond the visuals in that they tell a story… a shared story of where you have been and where you need to go. Ultimately, his sessions foster an elevated mission and a deeper understanding of the journey required to attain a unifying set of goals. “

Roger W. Thomas – Senior Director of Growth & Strategy for Manufacturing & Diversified Industries

“Tim has the unique ability to listen, question, empathize and create illustrations that illuminates people’s thinking. He truly has a gift as a facilitator and artist.”

Kathleen Douglas – Providing Businesses with a Proven Innovation Framework

Without a clear purpose and a commitment to action your employees won’t stay engaged and won’t stay with the organization forcing you to spend resources to attract talent when teams are not on the same page.

Examples of Our Graphic Facilitation

Meet your consultant
Tim Corey

Listener. Facilitator. Illustrator.

Timothy Corey continues to break new ground using methodologies that touch multiple senses. He attentively listens, internalizes the information at hand, reads between the lines, and graphically communicates a vision. The end result is the ability to offer intuitive insight that his clients find uncanny while helping individuals and organizations create more responsive strategies for communication and support.

With an international reputation, Tim has offered facilitation to over 1000 teams. He’s provided organizational development services for over 100 companies both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including community groups, governmental organizations, schools and forward-thinking companies.

He is passionate about serving others, so it’s no surprise that Tim’s background includes 28 years experience working in human service systems that support people with disabilities and their families. He is also a certified mediator. Tim is an executive leadership coach through the Seattle University Center for Leadership Formation a leadership MBA (LMBA) program.

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