About Colibri

Graphic Facilitation and Leadership Coaching

Based in Seattle, with local, national and international clients, Colibri Facilitation is a facilitation and leadership coaching company that helps large systems, organizations and individuals align to vision and strategy.

Images and items of interest are drawn on a whiteboard, marker-wall or digital screen as they emerge in discussion, in order to capture your idea development accurately. Our ink or digital graphic renderings help your group express and synthesize information, tell a story or map future actions.

Whether we work with individuals, organizations or communities, we listen deeply to your values and visions and support you to identify opportunities to help your reach your full potential.

graphic facilitation explained

Origins of Colibri

Tim Corey is the principal primary facilitator. For more than 25 years he built a strong cadre of service professionals in facilitation, mediation, tech, and digital media. Who when needed can round out your project.

Our methods work!

Listen to what our clients are saying…

“Tim has the unique ability to listen, question, empathize and create illustrations that illuminates people’s thinking. He truly has a gift as a facilitator and artist.”

Kathleen Douglas – Providing Businesses with a Proven Innovation Framework.

“His talent to listen to the coversations happening amongst 10 people or 400 people in a roon is staggering.

He’s able to listen, internalize and then visually represent with amazing accuracy the core intent and messaging is hands down the best person I have seen.”

Juliana Stancampiano, CEO | Author | Entrepreneur

“Tim is a man of ultimate integrity and professionalism. He brings great energy to every project.

In all possible ways he was a great resource and a true pro.”

Kevin Hoffberg – Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures

Meet your consultant Tim Corey

Listener. Illustrator. Facilitator.

Timothy Corey continues to break new ground using methodologies that touch multiple senses. He attentively listens, internalizes the information at hand, reads between the lines, and graphically communicates a vision. The end result is the ability to offer intuitive insight that his clients find uncanny while helping individuals and organizations create more responsive strategies for communication and support.

With an international reputation, Tim has offered facilitation to over 1000 teams. He’s provided organizational development services for over 100 companies both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including community groups, governmental organizations, schools and forward-thinking companies.

He is passionate about serving others, so it’s no surprise that Tim’s background includes 28 years experience working in human service systems that support people with disabilities and their families. He is also a certified mediator. Tim is an executive leadership coach through the Seattle University Center for Leadership Formation a leadership MBA (LMBA) program.

My facilitation work stimulates your faith in your own creativity, yes, in one form or another all people are creative. Through helping you suspend judgment, asking penetrating questions.

Through coaching, people can see what’s possible and create new realities for themselves.

My signature approach is the use of graphic facilitation to capture your ideas on large sheets of paper or on my digital tablet in real time. The visual display of information is used to help you see the whole picture, make connections between disparate pieces of information and to develop a path forward.

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