Having a clear vision is more than seeing the path ahead.

You’ll likely feel it in one of the five major challenges we all face—purpose and career, time and stress, relationships, balance or finding true prosperity. That’s normal. It’s simply a signal that you’re ready to make a change. For most of us, change can be difficult.

Types of Experiences


Large-Scale Organizational or Community Led Events

Features & Benefits

  • Create big impact at scale by involving a large number of people

  • Unite large groups with shared purpose to accomplish great things

  • Acquire and share valuable collaboration skills that you and your team can apply to other projects


Organizational Development for Your Company

Features & Benefits

  • Allow the best ideas to rise to the top
  • Align teams within your organization around a shared vision and plan of execution
  • Encourage and equip staff to become leaders in making ideas reality

Team Facilitation

Features & Benefits

  • Create the conditions for each voice to be heard
  • Improve collaboration by discussing a wide range of ideas
  • View ideas in one place and assess similarities and differences
  • Increase memory retention and participation through visually captured information
  • Make better decisions and enjoy improved outcomes

Life and Leadership Coaching

Features & Benefits

  • Illustrate elements of your dream on paper in order to see the whole picture
  • Establish a clear direction to activate and implement your vision
  • Develop strategies to help you keep momentum and increase impact


“Tim has led several strategic planning retreats for me with small and large teams. He invests the time upfront in the planning of these sessions to ensure we get through our objectives and desired outcomes.

Not only does he illustrate he is listening to every word and summarizes the entire retreat at the end both visually and vocally illuminating the accomplishments and commitments.

He is insightful, compassionate and courageous in his feedback.”

Michelle Clements | Human Resources Leader | Culture & People Strategies | Talent Management Practices


“I had the opportunity to work with Tim on a variety of different projects over the course of about two years.

He is a man of ultimate integrity and professionalism. He brings great energy to every project. 

In all possible ways he was a great resource and a true pro.”

Kevin Hoffberg | Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures