What is the Right Scribing Method for You?

Building Impactful Narratives in Realtime

Visual impact. Memorable take away. Information you can use.

Live Scribing Methods

Colibri offers 3 methods of Graphic Recording

Digital Scribing

Imagine a large conference where your audience is being entertained and educated by a dynamic speaker or subject focused panel. Off to the side of the room on a medium size screen we are capturing in words and images the presentation as it’s unfolding. Rather than distract, this synchronous approach amplifies the message your speakers are offering.

Attendees at events love having digital scribing in the room. It supports whole brain learning by providing visual and kinesthetic learners a method to absorb and retain information.

Analog Scribing

This has been our signature approach for more than 20 years. There is nothing like seeing a large engaging display in your room that was created from the content of your speakers.

People can come up a see the story unfold one large sheet of paper. The original can be used to put up in your work area as an information and communication document. Digital copies of the large chart can be made and distributed to all your stakeholders.

Graphic Facilitation

As the words describe graphic facilitation is about a person (facilitator) helping group process be more productive through the use of image, words and color. Analog scribing is combined with a wide range of facilitated methodologies to provide a full experience for meeting attendees.

The graphic facilitator helps the group through process while capturing key information on large sheets of paper. The information is used by attendees to serve multiple purposes from understanding the history of the subject to envisioning the future.

We can use multiple methods customized for your project

Digital Scribing

  • Good for the environment. No paper or ink is used
  • We can quickly provide the information in multiple formats for post event presentations
  • Information gathered can be distributed as the event closes giving you a novel way to follow up with your attendees

    Analog Scribing

    • See the whole and the parts of any presentation on one sheet of large paper
    • It can be used in real time as a conversation starter for people in attendance to dialog on a specific part of the presentation
    • The large display makes a great backdrop to use for a small group presentation or for people to photograph themselves

    Graphic Facilitation

    • Facilitation helps the people gathered to develop a shared understanding of the subject
    • Better group understanding of a subject result in better decision making
    • The information gathered can be used multiple times over longer periods

    So you have helped us capture information, what’s next?

    How do we use the work?

    We facilitate the gathering of information throughout your project and use multiple mediums to communicate your work from simple digitally formatted synthesis charts, more complex video and animated narratives to communicate the outcomes of your project

    • Digitally rendered copies of all charts
    • Customized presentation decks
    • We work with you to build narratives for larger more complex facilitation and presentation sessions to leverage or extend the life of your project

    The Narrative Building Process


    Increases Participation


    People feel heard


    Deepens listening

    Develops Shared Understanding


    Increases memory retention


    Able to see similarities and differences on the same page

    Communicates Unified Message


    Creates a shared understanding by the group involved


    Digital map


    Video and animation to communicate

    “Tim provided graphic facilitation for the Bainbridge Community Foudation’s Nonprofit Sector Gatherings from 2013 through 2020.

    He was an extraordinary addition to the work, bringing not only his graphic skills to the table but also his deep knowledge of community building.

    His graphics capture the content and mood of the session and impart optimism and confidence for the path moving forward. I highly recommend him.”

    Jim Hopper – Executive Director at Bainbridge Community Foundation

    “Tim is a very sensitive, skilled graphic facilitator with a feel for the deeper issues that flow in and around any meeting.

    His use of imagery and flow keep the process going and everyone engaged. His years of experience back up his clear skill in this approach.”

    David Sibbet – Founder & CEO, The Grove Consultants International 

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